Oil management

  • (electronic) oil level controllers and adapters from ESK.
  • Oil reservoirs according to Frigomec’s own design.
  • Pressure valves, oil filters and adapters from Castel.
  • Electronic oil level regulators from Teklab (see this product page)
  • Oil separators (see this productpage)

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The standard oil reservoirs (PS = 28) from Frigomec are equipped with, 2 sight glasses and a 3/8 “flare connection and are supplied with valves. For higher pressures, larger contents and / or application in combination with, for example, propane or
ammonia, contact our sales department.

Please see next tabs for all types and specifications

Oil level regulators & Oil reservoirs

TypeArt. nr.
OR-0-BCoil level regulator, 2 sightglasses10110
OR-0-BC-1oil level regulator (for Bock HA(X)/HG(X))10115
ERM5-0-BCelectronic oil level regulator (60bar)10120
OR-8Loilreservoir 8 liter (incl. rotalock valves)215752
OR-11Loilreservoir 11 liter (incl. rotalock valves)215753
OR-19Loilreservoir 19 liter (incl. rotalock valves)215754
VTT…oilreservoirs starting from 35 liter, check receivers page

Oil filters and adapters

TypeArt. nr.
195111pressure valve (dp=0,35 bar)195111
195110pressure valve (dp=1,4 bar)195110
195105oilfilter 3/8" flare195105
195120adapter 1.1/8" (for Bock & Bitzer)195120
010145adapter oil level regulator (for Bock compressors)..
195115adapter oil level regulator (for Bitzer compressors)195115

Oil separators

oil separators (see this productpage)