Castel filter drier HC

Connections: ODS
Suitable for: HC refrigerants such as R290 (propane), R600a (isobutane)
Maximum pressure  (PS): 24 – 45bar*
Temperature range (TS): -40 to +80 ºC

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The Castel filter driers for HC are available with solder connections. They are 100% molecular sieve blocks. The construction of the filter driers is shock-resistant and the block shape is such that the refrigerant flow distributes optimally over the block. This gives the filter drier the highest drying efficiency and the least pressure loss.

These HC Castel filter driers are suitable for all HC refrigerants such as propane R290 and isobutane R600a.

Please see next tab for all types and specifications.

Types and connections

TypeInt. CodeConn.ODS [in.]ODM [in.]PS [bar]TS [°C] min/maxArt. nr.
4303EX/2S032SCu1/4"3/8"45-40 / +80191100
4305EX/3S053SCu3/8"1/2"45-40 / +80191105
4308EX/3S083SCu3/8"1/2"45-40 / +80191110
4316EX/3S163SCu3/8"1/2"45-40 / +80191115
4308EX/4S084SCu1/2"5/8"45-40 / +80191120
4316EX/4S164SCu1/2"5/8"45-40 / +80191125
4330EX/4S304SCu1/2"5/8"45-40 / +80191130
4316EX/5S165SCu5/8"3/4"45-40 / +80191135
4330EX/5S305SCu5/8"3/4"45-40 / +80191140
4330EX/7S307SCu7/8"1.1/8"45-40 / +80191145
4375EX/7S757SCu7/8"1.1/8"24-40 / +80191150
4330EX/9S309SCu1.1/8"1.3/8"45-40 / +80191155
4375EX/9S759SCu1.1/8"1.3/8"24-40 / +80191160