Castel Vibration Absorbers

Connections:  ODS or weld
Suitable for: R134a, R513A, R449A, R407C, R407F, R404A, R507 and R410A
Maximum pressure (PS): 35 – 45 bar*
Temperature range (TS):  -80 tot +140 ºC

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The Castel pipe vibration absorbers are equipped with stainless steel bellow, stainless steel braiding and copper solder connections. The Castel vibration absorbers are frost resistant because they are constructed so that no condensation can collect between bellows and the connection of this bellows with the solder connection.

The pipe vibration absorbers are used for mounting in both pressure pipes and suction lines of compressors. The assembly must be such that the vibrations are received in the radial direction by the vibration damper (ie not in the axial direction). The Castel vibration absorbers should also be mounted as close to the compressor as possible.

Please see next tab for all types and specifications

Types and connections

TypeConn.ODS [in.]ODS [mm]St. [mm]PS [bar]TS [°C] min/maxArt. nr.
7690/3Cu3/8"--45-80 / +100625215
7690/4Cu1/2"--45-80 / +100625220
7690/5Cu5/8"16-45-80 / +100625225
7690/7Cu7/8"22-45-80 / +100625230
7690/9Cu1.1/8"--45-80 / +100625236
7690/M28Cu-28-45-80 / +100625235
7690/11Cu1.3/8"35-45-80 / +100625240
7690/13Cu1.5/8"--45-80 / +100625246
7690/M42Cu-42-45-80 / +100625245
7690/17Cu2.1/8"54-40-80 / +100625250
7690/21Cu2.5/8"67-35-80 / +100625255
7690/25Cu3.1/8"80-35-80 / +100625260