Castel safety valves CO2

Connections: NPT, SAE flare
Suitable for: R744 (CO2)
Maximum pressure (PS): 55 – 70 bar*
Adjustment: types 3030 en 3060 till max 50 bar / types 3061 en 3065 till max 60 bar*
Temperature range (TS): -40 tot +120/150 ºC *

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All Castel safety valves CO2 are equipped with NPT inlet connections. At the outlet, depending on the type, they are provided with SAE flare or thread connections. Each safety valve is individually tested and adjusted. Each safety valve has a unique serial number which is also mentioned on the supplied PED certificate.

The safety valves for CO2 are suitable for PS max = 55-70 bar.

Please see next tab for all types and specifications

Types and connections

TypeConnectionConn. InConn. OutRange [bar]Kd coeff.PS [bar]TS [°C] min/maxArt. nr.
3030/44C NPT x G1/2"3/4"8-500,955-40 / +150..
3030/66C NPT x G3/4"3/4"8-500,955-40 / +150..
3030/88C NPT x G1"1.1/4"8-500,8355-40 / +150..
3060/34C NPT x flare3/8"1/2"9-500,6955-40 / +120..
3060/45C NPT x flare1/2"5/8"9-500,4555-40 / +120..
3060/46C NPT x G1/2"3/4"9-500,9355-40 / +120..
3061/3C < 40bar NPT x G3/8"1/2"10-600,8970-50 / +150181700
3061/4C < 40bar NPT x G1/2"1/2"10-600,8970-50 / +150181750
3065/4C < 40bar NPT x G1/2"1"10-600,8770-50 / +150181800
3065/6C < 40bar NPT x G3/4"1"10-600,8770-50 / +150181850
3030E/36C < 90bar NPT x G3/8"3/4"60-1500,97165-50 / +150181900
3030E/46C < 90bar NPT x G1/2"3/4"60-1500,97165-50 / +150181950
3030E/410C < 90bar NPT x G1/2"1.1/4"60-1500,91165-50 / +150182000
3030E/610C < 90bar NPT x G3/4"1.1/4"60-1500,91165-50 / +150182050