Castel coils and plugs for solenoid valves

Castel coils and plugs for solenoid valves.

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Please note:

– For normally open solenoid valves, use only DC coils type HF3 / HM3 and plug 9150 / R02-9150 / R45.
– Solenoid valves CO2 can be used alone in combination with coil type HF3 / HM3.

Please contact our refrigeration experts if you need help with your selection.


* = matching plugs, see the next tab for specifications of these plugs.

TypeCoilVoltageArt. nr.Connector *Connector + cable 1mtr *Connector + cable 2mtr *
9300/RA2HF2 - IP6524V AC1851009150/R029900/X669900/X73
9300/RA4HF2 - IP65110V AC1851109150/R029900/X669900/X73
9300/RA6HF2 - IP65220/230V AC1850889150/R029900/X669900/X73
9300/RA8HF2 - IP65380V AC1851059150/R029900/X669900/X73
9160/RA2HM4 - IP6824V AC..9155/R019155/R02-
9160/RA4HM4 - IP68110V AC..9155/R019155/R02-
9160/RA6HM4 - IP68220/230V AC1850929155/R019155/R02-
9320/RD1HF3 - IP6512V DC..9150/R029900/X669900/X73
9320/RD2HF3 - IP6524V DC1851019150/R029900/X669900/X73
9320/RD4HF3 - IP6548V DC..9150/R029900/X669900/X73
9320/RA6HF3 - IP65220/230V AC..9150/R029900/X669900/X73
9120/RD6HM3 - IP65220 RAC1851039150/R45--
9100EX/RA2HM2 - Ex224V AC..9150EX/R02--
9100EX/RA4HM2 - Ex2110V AC..9150EX/R02--
9100EX/RA6HM2 - Ex2220/230V AC1850999150EX/R02--
9100EX/RA7HM2 - Ex2240V AC..9150EX/R02--


plugs for the coils shown on previous tab.

TypeConnectorDescriptionArt. nr.
9150/R02HM-HF 2/3Connector HM2-HF2/HM3-HF3 - IP65185095
9150/R45HM3Connector/rectifier for coil 9120/RD6185097
9155/R01HM4 - IP68Connector HM4 - IP68185096
9150EX/R02HM2 - Ex2Connector HM2 - Atex Zone II185098
9155/R02HM4 - IP68Connector HM4 - IP68 + cable 1,0 meter185084
9900/X66HM-HF 2/3Connector HM2-HF2/HM3-HF3 - IP65 + cable 1,0 meter..
9900/X73HM-HF 2/3Connector HM2-HF2/HM3-HF3 - IP65 + cable 2,0 meter185086