Castel sight glasses HC

Connections: ODS
Suitable for HC refrigerants such as propane R290 and isobutane R600a.
Maximum pressure (PS):: 45 bar
Temperature range (TS): -40 to +120 ºC
Note: This type of sight glass is also suitable for HFC / HFO refrigerants.

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Castel sight glasses indicate by means of a visual indication whether there is moisture in the refrigerant. In the case of a yellow sight glass, moisture is present and the filter drier must be replaced. It is advisable to place a valve after the sight glass so that you can easily replace the filter drier. The presence of vapor bubbles in the sight glass indicates flash gas in the liquid line.

These HC Castel sight glasses are suitable for all HC refrigerants such as propane R290 and isobutane R600a.

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Types and connections

TypeConn. [in.]Conn. [mm]Tube sizePS [bar]TS [°C] min/maxLength [mm]Art. nr.
3940/2ODS1/4"--45-40 / +120113180745
3940/3ODS3/8"--45-40 / +120117180747
3940/M10ODS-10-45-40 / +120117180755
3940/M12ODS-12-45-40 / +120117180757
3940/4ODS1/2"--45-40 / +120117180750
3940/5ODS5/8"16-45-40 / +120131180752
3940/M18ODS-18-45-40 / +120131180762
3940/6ODS3/4"--45-40 / +120131..
3940/7ODS7/8"22-45-40 / +120151180765
3940/9ODS1.1/8"--45-40 / +120186180767