johnson controls pressure swtichesjohnson controls pressure swtiches

Johnson Controls pressure switches

These pressure switches are designed for use in a variety of applications involving refrigeration high or low pressure. Models supplied have a “whole range” design, enabling them to be used with refrigerants R22, R134A, R404A, R410A, CO2 and all other non-corrosive refrigerants which are within the operating range of the control.

The P77 & P78 series pressure controls may be used for control functionsor limit functions, depending on model number. All models are provided with alarm contacts (except P78ALA). All standard models have phosphor bronze bellows and brass pressure connections.

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Features P77

  • Generous wiring space
  • Splash-proof enclosure (IP54)
  • SPDT contacts are provided as standard on single pressure controls.
  • Trip-free manual reset

Features P78

  • High refrigerant pressure.
  • Suitable for R410A and CO2 subcritical applications
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Generous wiring space
  • Splash-proof enclosure (IP54)
  • Trip-free manual reset
  • Patented separate alarm contacts for both low pressure and high pressure cut-out (except P78ALA)

Please see next tabs for all types and specifications

Types and connections

TypeRange [bar]Diff. [bar]Refr.Max. bellows pr. [bar]Conn.PED 2014/ 68/EUArt. nr.
LP without PED/CE mark
P77AAA-9300-0,5 / 70,5 / 3non-corr.225no520110
TÜV cetified LP with PED/CE mark.
P77AAW-9300-0,5 / 70,5 / 3non-corr.205yes520100
TÜV cetified HP with PED/CE mark.
P77AAW-93503 / 303,5 / 12non-corr.335yes520105
P77BEB-93503 / 30manualnon-corr.335yes520115
P78ALA-93513,5 / 211,8305no521105
fixed, both
P78MCB-9300LP-0,5 / 70,5 / 3non-corr.205yes521100
HP3 / 30manual335