JC fan speed controlJC fan speed control

Johnson Controls condensor fan speed controllers

These controllers are designed for speed variation of single phase motors, especially for fan speed control on air cooled condensers. Head pressure control of a refrigeration system, through speed variation of the fan on an air-cooled condenser, results in optimum performance throughout the year.

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Features P215

  • The new benchmark in standard FSC
  • Easy to Install and Easy to operate
  • Output Range: 0,5 to 12 Amp (1 phase)
  • Input 0-10 Vdc
  • Heatpump mode
  • Reverse operation mode
  • Master / Slave mode
  • Fixed pressure ranges for direct replacement (P215)
  • Setpoint and Min speed potmeters
  • Operate with High Efficiency AC-fan motors who comply to ERP 2015 directive

Features P216

Features P216

  • Condenser pressure control by fan speed variation
  • Pressure input
  • Model with heatpump input available
  • Transducers with proven reliability
  • Easy accessible setpoint screw
  • Adjustable minimum speed or cut-off selection
  • Dual input possibility (P215DP only)
  • Motor speed action can be reversed by interchanging only two wires
  • Heatpump input available (P215SH)
  • Small dimensions
  • IP54 enclosure
  • DIN rail mounted