Gea Bock compressors co2 transcriticialGea Bock compressors co2 transcriticial

GEA Bock semi-hermetic compressors CO2 Transcritical

  • Gas-cooled semi-hermetic piston compressor
  • Displacement from 7,7 to 38,2 m³/h (50 Hz)
  • Operating pressures of up to 130 bar
  • Designed for transcritical CO2:
    LP 100 bar / HP 150 bar
  • Highest efficiency in the market with COP of more than 1,85 (50 Hz [1450 U/min], evaporating -10°C, gas cooler outlet 35°C/90 bar, superheat 10 K

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Semi-hermetic transcritical CO2 compressors using R744 as natural refrigerant. The compressors are ideally suited for use in transcritical CO2 applications.

Special Features:

  • Highest compressor efficiency for low operating costs
  • High durable compressor design
  • Reliable and safe oil supply through pump lubrication
  • Good operational characteristics with low vibration, low pulsation and low noise level
  • Wide operating limits and wide frequency range for different applications
  • One of the biggest capacity ranges
    [> 38 m³/h (transcritical)]
  • High stand still pressure for best operating conditions
  • Longest CO2 compressor experiences in the market (since 1993)
  • Applications: Heat pumps, commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration

More information about the HG single-stage compressors (e.g. technical/performance data, drawings, spare part lists, operating limits) can be found in the compressor selection tool VAP via the following link:

Please see next tabs for all types and specifications

Types HGX ../.. 4S CO2 T

TypeDispl. [m3/hr]E-motorImax [A]SVDVOil [ltr][kg]Art. nr.
HGX34/110-4 S CO2 T9,9B28,628mm22mm2,019745347
HGX34/130-4 S CO2 T11,3B32,728mm22mm2,019745351
HGX34/150-4 S CO2 T12,9B37,828mm22mm2,020045357
HGX34/170-4 S CO2 T14,5B42,228mm22mm2,020945363
HGX34/190-4 S CO2 T16,3B47,828mm22mm2,020945369
HGX34/210-4 S CO2 T18,2B53,728mm22mm2,021545375
HGX34/230-4 S CO2 T20,1B59,828mm22mm2,022245381
HGX34/290-4 S CO2 T25,5B77,535mm28mm2,023045387
HGX46/280-4 S CO2 T24,4B73,028mm22mm2,525145408
HGX46/310-4 S CO2 T27,2B81,435mm28mm2,525145417
HGX46/345-4 S CO2 T30,2B90,935mm28mm2,525345426

Types HGX ../.. 4SHCO2 T

TypeDispl. [m3/hr]E-motorImax [A]SVDVOil [ltr][kg]Art. nr.
HGX34/110-4 SH CO2 T9,9B28,628mm22mm2,019745349
HGX34/130-4 SH CO2 T11,3B33,228mm22mm2,019745353
HGX34/150-4 SH CO2 T12,9B38,728mm22mm2,020045359
HGX34/170-4 SH CO2 T14,5B42,928mm22mm2,020945365
HGX34/190-4 SH CO2 T16,3B47,828mm22mm2,020945371
HGX34/210-4 SH CO2 T18,2B53,928mm22mm2,021545377
HGX34/230-4 SH CO2 T20,1B60,128mm22mm2,022245383
HGX34/290-4 SH CO2 T25,5B78,235mm28mm2,023045389
HGX46/280-4 SH CO2 T24,4B73,428mm22mm2,525145411
HGX46/310-4 SH CO2 T27,2B82,035mm28mm2,525145420
HGX46/345-4 SH CO2 T30,2B92,335mm28mm2,525345429

Types HGX ../.. 4 CO2 T

TypeDispl. [m3/hr]E-motorImax [A]SVDVOil [ltr][kg]Art. nr.
HGX2/90-4 CO2 T7,7B23,622mm18mm2,5160..
HGX34/110-4 ML CO2 T9,9B24,628mm22mm2,019445345
HGX34/130-4 ML CO2 T11,3B27,828mm22mm2,019445202
HGX34/150-4 ML CO2 T12,9B31,028mm22mm2,019745355
HGX34/170-4 ML CO2 T14,5B35,328mm22mm2,019645361
HGX34/190-4 ML CO2 T16,3B40,228mm22mm2,020045367
HGX34/210-4 ML CO2 T18,2B44,528mm22mm2,020045373
HGX34/230-4 ML CO2 T20,1B49,228mm22mm2,020945379
HGX34/290-4 ML CO2 T25,5B63,035mm28mm2,022645385
HGX46/280-4 ML CO2 T24,4B59,328mm22mm2,524845405
HGX46/310-4 ML CO2 T27,2B66,235mm28mm2,524745414
HGX46/345-4 ML CO2 T30,2B74,435mm28mm2,525145423
HGX46/440-4 ML CO2 T38,2B99,335mm28mm2,525945432