Teklab Electronic oil level regulators

The TK3+ is designed to control the oil level in the compressor crankcase in order to avoid the compressor to run without oil and so improve its lifetime. TK3+ monitors the oil level with the embedded electro-optic sensor and comprises a solenoid valve for oil filling and a relay output contact to give an alarm.

• Suitable for mounting on crankcases of compressors (directly or with adapter).
• Sight glass can be positioned on the left and right side.
• Equipped with integrated solenoid valve.
• Equipped with 4 status LEDs.
•  Relay output for. low level alarm.
•  Available in PS = 46 bar and 80 bar (CO2).
•  Easy to connect by cords with connectors.

Maximum pressure (PS): 46 – 80 bar
Temperature range (TS): -40 / +85 ºC

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• High reliability ensured by absence of mechanical moving parts.
• Sight glass and electronic LEDs can be checked on the same side
where is more comfortable to do inspections.
• Well consolidated steel with fused glass technology with absence
of seals ensures no leakage and good chemical compatibility.
• Direct sight glass replacement (3/4/6 holes flange connection).
• 24 VAC / 230 VAC power supply options.
• Easy maintenance of the coil of the valve and of the ElectroOptic
sensor that can be easily replaced without emptying or
depressurizing the plant.
• 230 VAC /2A alarm relay output suitable for direct connection in
the security chain of the system.
• Adapters suitable for various types of compressors.
• Unit conform to directives 2014/30/UE and 2014/35/U