awa rotalock valvesawa rotalock valves

AWA Rotalock valves HFC / HFO

Connections: UNF, ODS
Suitable for: R134a, R513A, R449A, R407C, R407F, R404A, R507 and R410A
Maximum pressure (PS): 45 bar
Temperature range (TS): -10 to +140 ºC *

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The AWA rotalock valves can be used for example on our liquid receivers and oil reservoirs. They are equipped with two 1/4 “flare service connections. One port is lockable and the other one is non-lockable. Pressure switches must always be connected to a non-lockable port. The Rotalock valves are available with solder connections from 3/8 “to 54 mm.

Please see next tabs for all types and specifications.


Types and connections

TypeDescriptionUNF [in.]ODS [in.]ODS [mm]PS [bar]TS [°C] min/maxArt. nr.
430101Receiver valve UNF x ODS1"3/8"-45-10 / +140430101
430105Receiver valve UNF x ODS1"1/2"-45-10 / +140430105
430111Receiver valve UNF x ODS1"5/8"-45-10 / +140430111
430114Receiver valve UNF x ODS1.1/4"5/8"-45-10 / +140430114
430115Receiver valve UNF x ODS1.1/4"-2245-10 / +140430115
430120Receiver valve UNF x ODS1.1/4"-2845-10 / +140430120
430122 (Kv=8,5)Receiver valve UNF x ODS1.3/4"-2845-10 / +140430122
430124 (Kv=17,0)Receiver valve UNF x ODS1.3/4"-2845-10 / +140430124
430125Receiver valve UNF x ODS1.3/4"-3545-10 / +140430125
430131Receiver valve UNF x ODS1.3/4"-4245-10 / +140430131
430132Receiver valve UNF x ODS2.1/4"-4245-10 / +140430132
430135Receiver valve UNF x ODS2.1/4"-5445-10 / +140430135