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Suction Line Heat Exchangers (SLHE)

Suction Line Heat Exchangers (SLHE) improve refrigeration system performance and are a proven refrigeration system component for greater efficiency. These heat exchangers protect the compressor and are highly recommended by equipment manufacturers of medium and low temperature refrigeration systems

  • Fluted design controls pressure drop and gas velocity for quiet operation.
  • High-temperature brass brazing throughout.
  • Rigid Design for Reliability.
  • Leak tested for troublefree operation.
  • Available in all-copper or steel construction.

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TypeMaterialLiquid conn.Gas conn.L [mm]kWDWP [bar]Art. nr.
SLHE - 0,5koper1/4"1/2"2920,3734,5250010
SLHE - 1koper3/8"5/8"3500,7548,3250015
SLHE - 1,5koper3/8"7/8"3681,1248,3250020
SLHE - 3koper1/2"1.1/8"3812,2448,3250025
SLHE - 5koper5/8"1.3/8"3623,7343,6250030
SLHE - 7,5koper5/8"1.5/8"4325,5943,6250035
SLHE - 10koper7/8"2.1/8"4587,4627,6250040
SLHE - 20koper1.1/8"2.1/8"68614,927,6250045
SLHE - 30staal1.3/8"2.5/8"76222,431,0250100
SLHE - 50staal1.5/8"3.1/8"76237,331,0250105
SLHE - 75staal2.1/8"4.1/8"68555,931,0250110
SLHE - 100staal2.1/8"5.1/8"57274,624,8250115
SLHE - 125staal2.1/8"5.1/8"60093,224,8250120
SLHE - 150staal2.5/8"6.1/8"62211224,8250125