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REFFLEX offers a range of tools for a simple assembly of the hoses and fittings.

Both a hand held- and a work bench tool are available for preparing the best quality connections. For 2.0 mm service jobs “en route” there is the newly designed and very easy working hand held tool 200632. For the series production of both REFFLEX® flexible hoses 2.0 mm and 5.0 mm ID there is the sophisticated work bench tool 200636.

REFFLEX® DN-5.0 mm screwed fittings do not require special tools at all! For DN-5.0 crimping fittings sophisticated hydraulic OEM tools are available.

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For the assembly of REFFLEX hose DN-2.0 mm and DN-5.0 mm, sophisticated tools are available.

Tube cutters:
For cutting the REFFLEX hose to the desired lenght.
For DN-2.0 mm, article 200634
For DN-5.0 mm, article 200639 (also suitable for  DN-2.0mm)

Hand held crimping tool:
Lightweight hand-operated tool for DN-2.0mm fittings,
for assembling a complete REFFLEX hose, for example during service work.

Pre-assembling tool:
Tool for mounting DN-5.0mm fittings to the hose, after which the fitting can be crimped with one of the tools mentioned below.
This tool is not necessary for DN-2.0mm fittings.

HD Work bench crimping tool:
Hand operated, for serie production of both DN-2.0mm and DN-5.0mm.
For DN-5.0mm in combination with pre-assembling tool.

Hydraulic crimping tool:
Hand operated hydraulic tool for DN-5.0mm crimping fittings.
In combination with pre-assembling tool.

Battery powered crimping tool:
Electrically driven manual hydraulic tool for DN-5.0mm crimping fittings

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ToolsArt. nr.
REFFLEX small tube cutter DN-2,0mm200634
REFFLEX HD tube cutter DN-2,0 en DN-5,0mm200639
REFFLEX hand held crimping tool DN-2,0mm system200632
REFFLEX pre-assembling tool (before crimping) DN-5,0mm 1/4" fittings..
REFFLEX pre-assembling tool (before crimping) DN-5,0mm 3/8" fittings200637
REFFLEX HD workbench tool DN-2,0 en DN-5,0mm system (*)200636
REFFLEX battery powered crimping tool DN-5,0mm system (*)..
REFFLEX hydraulic crimping head (requires 3L/min. At ~180 bar) (*)..
REFFLEX set of dies for tool 203640..