Euro-Cold liquid separator

Connections: ODS
Suitable for: R134a, R513A, R449A, R407C, R407F, R404A, R507 and R410A
Maximum pressure (PS): multiple

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Available types:

  • Without heat exchanger (type A)
  • With heat exchanger (type B)
  • With external liquid line (type E) *
  • Industrial with large content (type ERC)

* In these separators, the supply of liquid from the separator to the interior takes place via a (flexible) pipeline located outside the separator (for example Refflex DN-5.0 mm hose or Cu – 1/4 “). By placing a solenoid valve in this line and open/close is it when the compressor is on/off, it is prevented that liquid from the separatoralso fills the interior with liquid when the compressor stopped. So it is prevented that a large amount of liquid is taken along when starting the compressor, which is the case with all conventional separators.

ERC liquid separators are available in many versions, even with smaller contents and connections. Consult our sales department for more information.

Please see next tabs for all types and specifications

Type A

Liquid separators without heat exchanger.

Type[Ltr]D [mm]H [mm]Gas connectionArt. nr.
11/S-67 st24,028054567mm / 76,1 st225110
11/S-80 st24,028054580mm / 88,8 st225115

Type B

Liquid separators with heat exchanger.

Type[Ltr]D [mm]H [mm]Gas connectionLiquid connectionArt. nr.

Type E

Liquid separators with external liquid line.

Type[Ltr]D [mm]H [mm]Gas connectionArt. nr.
06/S-28(st.)-E4,614044128mm / 33,7 st225200
08/S-35(st.)-E7,818049335mm / 42,4 st225205
09/S-42(st.)-E1122045842mm / 48,3 st225210
10/S-54(st.)-E1926054154mm / 60,3 st225215
11/S-67(st.)-E24,528060767mm / 76,1 st225220
11/S-80(st.)-E24,528064580mm / 88.9 st225225

Type ERC

Liquid separators inudstrial , large contents.

Type[Ltr]D [mm]H [mm]Gas connection
ERC 25/76125406120567mm / 76,1 st
ERC 25/88125406120580mm / 88,9 st
ERC 30/76150406141767mm / 76,1 st
ERC 30/88150406141780mm / 88,9 st
ERC 30/1141504061430114,3 st