Castel service valves CO2

Connections: ODS, SAE flare, NPT
Suitable for: R744 (CO2)
Maximum pressure (PS): 120 bar
Temperature range (TS): -40 to +130 ºC

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Castel has, in addition to the ball valves and solenoid valves, a number of small valves with flare, MPT and ODS connections up to 1/2 “. There are service valves with flare, NPT and ODS connections up to 22 mm which can be used (for example) as a liquid receiver valve, fill valve, pressure gauge valve, valve in oil return pipes etc. The PS max of these valves is 120 bar.

Please see next tabs for all types and specifications.

Other valves:
Ball valves
Solenoid valves
Check valves

Straight valves

TypeSoortConn. [in.]Conn. [mm]Kv [m3/h]PS [bar]TS [°C] min/maxArt. nr.
6420E/2ODS brass1/4"-0,4120-40 / +130180070
6420E/3ODS brass3/8"-1120-40 / +130180072
6420E/4ODS brass1/2"-1,45120-40 / +130180074

Angle valves

TypeConnectionConn. [in.]Conn. [in.]Kv [m3/h]PS [bar]TS [°C] min/maxArt. nr.
6110E/22SAE Flare x NPT1/4"1/4"0,44120-40 / +130180100
6110E/X15SAE F x SAE M1/4"1/4"0,44120-40 / +130180101
6110E/33SAE Flare x NPT3/8"3/8"1,35120-40 / +130180102
6110E/44SAE Flare x NPT1/2"1/2"3,4120-40 / +130180104
6120E/22NPT x SAE Flare1/4"1/4"0,44120-40 / +130180106
6120E/33NPT x SAE Flare3/8"3/8"1,35120-40 / +130180108
6120E/44NPT x SAE Flare1/2"1/2"3,4120-40 / +130180110

Special valves

TypeDescriptionConn. OutConn. InPS [bar]TS [°C] min/maxArt. nr.
6010E/2with foot1/4" SAE1/4" SAE120-40 / +130180018
6012E/22with foot1/4" SAE1/4" ODS120-40 / +130180019
6420E/3S3capped valve3/8" SAE3/8" ODS120-40 / +130180062